Damn you Andy. 

So when It came time to launch a new website to host my art, I came back to the problem. What do I call it if I can’t have andyleek.com. Andyleek.net just sounds a bit cheap. andyjamesLeek.com doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, and Leek.com...

 ...costs $60,000. 

After coming up with hundreds of alternatives, most of which either sounded like hippy self help gurus (thesoulofandy.com) or niche porn sites (fucksafe.com). I begrudgingly had to settle upon andy-leek.com. 

But the inaccuracy still bothered me. Until I stumbled upon this; http://freedeedpoll.org.uk/ It's a website set up by a guy who realized (after getting ripped off), that its actually extremely easy and completely free to legally change your name. All you need is a contract that you can draw up yourself and two witnesses signatures. You can then present this document to any official government body and they will change your details.

My middle name is now ' - ' (pronounced Dash). 

 Andy - Leek.

And here is my new passport.

I can finally rest easy knowing that I have my name as my URL.