If you peel of the tape will you finish or ruin the painting? 
What will happen to its value and your perception of it?
Or will it be worth it just for the feeling of relief.
All twelve are currently available for purchase. 

Acrylic and masking tape on canvas. 2015

Unfinished one.
80 x 30cm

Unfinished two.
30 x 40 cm

Unfinished three.
35 x 45 cm

Unfinished four.
80 x 40cm

Unfinished five.
80 x 40cm

Unfinished six.
100 x 30cm

Unfinished seven.
50 x 40cm

Unfinished Eight.
77 x 56cm

Unfinished Nine.
77 x 56cm

Unfinished Ten.
80 x 40cm

Unfinished Eleven.
80 x 30cm

Unfinished Twelve.
80 x 30cm